Walker Custom Sheet Metal W.O.W. Conveyors

Walker Custom Sheet Metal Wow Conveyors

Walker Custom Sheet Metal, a company that specializes in custom sheet metal fabrications from hoppers and carts to industrial platforms and tanks, is making its innovative W.O.W. Conveyors available to the pet food industry. Originally designed to help food manufacturers meet the strict sanitation requirements of the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act, the conveyors’ ultra-sanitary and tool-less design has applications for animal food processing, an industry where sanitary standards are also increasing.

The W.O.W. Conveyor, which stands for “Walker Original Washdown,” was named for both its ease in breakdown for complete sanitation and customers’ reactions upon seeing the conveyor, according to creator Jim Monaweck.

Once disassembled, the fully customizable conveyor has virtually no bacteria-harboring niches. Every conveyor is custom built to meet each food processor’s unique food safety and production needs. For instance, clear polymer guards made of FDA-approved Lexan are an optional design feature in facilities where products require protection from falling debris. Different styles are also available, such as Z-conveyors, bucket uplift conveyors, incline conveyors, and wire mesh conveyors. Each use the same sanitary design features that allow for autonomous maintenance and easy sanitation.