Perten Instruments DA 7440 process NIR sensor

Perten Instruments Da 7440 Process Nir Sensor

Perten Instruments’ DA 7440 is a new type of process NIR sensor for over-belt placement. It uses advanced diode array technology to measure accurately even as recipes, ingredients or process conditions change.

Process NIR sensors have been used in food and agricultural processing for many years, mainly for measurement of moisture. Up until now sensors have employed basic NIR filter technology, which is limited in analysis capabilities and needs frequent re-calibrations.

Diode array is an established, advanced NIR technology which measures accurately without re-calibrations even as raw materials or process conditions change. The Diode Array instrument collects all wavelengths simultaneously averaging multiple, full spectrum readings every second. By doing so it provides accurate measurement of complex parameters including moisture/oven volatiles, fat, nicotine, sugars, seasonings and many more. This enables processors to optimize moisture content, reduce scrap, improve quality and decrease time for product changeovers -- all without laborious sampling and reference method testing.

 The DA 7440 is designed to be installed in food and industrial production areas and meets the particular demands of these environments. The stainless steel housing has high ingress protection (IP69k in DA 7440 SD version) and the cabling is kept to an absolute minimum, all in order to be easy to clean and maintain. To keep the sensor clean and free from contamination it can be equipped with an air-purge window. 

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