Baumer CleverLevel series LBFS product variants

The CleverLevel series by Baumer now includes another five LBFS product variants. The worldโ€™s most compact level switch based on frequency sweep technology now includes a cooling neck for high-temperature applications, a long version for improved level detection in bulk media, and with a process connection compliant to US and Far East standards.

The new LBFS product variants offer outstanding convenience in the application, are maintenance free and ensure particularly solid performance in level detection. They now endure long-term temperatures up to 200C (variant-specific) which provides additional benefits in demanding hygiene applications as in food and beverage as well as in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Thanks to their high-temperature capabilities, the CleverLevel LBFS sensors improve process safety with maximum service life even under extreme conditions.

Both 82 mm and 250 mm designs not only excel in high temperature applications but also in tanks with thick layers of insulation as well as in cone-bottom kettles. They can be vertically installed at the inside tank edge for fill level monitoring. When it comes to highly viscous or bulk media, the product variant with adjustable process connection can be optimally placed in the process to prevent faulty switching operations and unwanted downtime for enhanced equipment productivity.

The LBFS level switch with new half-inch NPT connection now also brings ease of use to customers in the US and Far East. The CleverLevel series ensures reliable process control and is easy to install.

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