Ross PDDM planetary mixer line

Ross Pddm Planetary Mixer Line

Ross has expanded its most advanced planetary mixer line, the PDDM, to include larger working capacities up to 750 gallons. The PDDM is a multi-agitator mixer featuring two planetary stirrer blades and two high speed disperser shafts. Designed for highly viscous and highly filled applications, the hybrid planetary mixer/disperser can quickly incorporate large amounts of dry ingredients into thick or sticky liquid, and apply intense shear to achieve a smooth and uniform consistency.

Shown is a 300-gallon model equipped with a total of four saw-tooth blades that spin on high speed shafts while revolving around the vessel, accelerating solids dispersion and particle size reduction. Two helical planetary stirrers rotate at lower speeds to constantly turnover batch material, ensuring that product is evenly mixed and heated regardless of flow characteristics. A sidewall scraper arm further enhances material and heat transfer around the vessel periphery. At any stage of the mixing cycle, operators can easily fine-tune the observed flow turbulence and shear because the stirrers and dispersers are independently driven by two different motors. The PDDM is rated for vacuum operation up to 29.5”Hg and includes a jacketed change-can vessel, sight/charge ports on the cover and an automated lift for raising/lowering the agitators. This mixer is usually supplied with a Discharge System for fast and convenient transfer of the finished product within minutes.