Allpax AllTrax basket tracking system for non-automated retort rooms

Allpax All Trax Small

AllTrax automatically alerts personnel when a specified process step is not instituted. Personnel can access the status of every basket logged into the system via HMI, and management has a detailed record of every basket’s journey through the retort room. 

Human and machine readable stainless steel tags, rugged handheld optical scanners and software specifically written to track baskets through key checkpoints are the principal components of this new food safety system.

Allpax, powered by Pro Mach, introduced the AllTrax basket tracking system for non-automated retort rooms. AllTrax is a barcode-based system for tracing cans, jars, trays, and pouches by basket through each critical checkpoint in the retort room and tagging those packages to verified processing by an individual retort. This new system is designed to improve security within the retort room and to lower the risk of product retort bypass. AllTrax can be integrated into every non-automated retort operation.                  

Each basket is tagged with a human readable number and a machine readable number, both in laser-etched stainless steel. Scanning positively identifies each basket as it moves between loading, retorting and unloading zones of the retort room. Positive identification is cross checked by the software-based tracking system. 

Non-conforming actions are alarmed and require authorized operator resolution to clear the alarm. For example, the system will alarm if a basket fails to enter a retort or enters the wrong retort. Each basket scan triggers the tracking system to transfer a basket’s identity from one logical set of basket positions – zones – to the next. Basket checkpoints are located at each loader, retort and unloader system in the retort room. For an extra level of security, companies can opt to have employees wear a tag which is also scanned and links the employee to the basket.