Charles Ross & Son SysCon Wireless Control System

SysCon Wireless Control System

Ross SysCon Control Panels are now offered with wireless connection allowing users to access the PLC system using tablets, laptops and smartphones via Ethernet, WLAN or Bluetooth.

As part of the controls package, Ross can supply an intrinsically safe tablet enabling end users to control the panel from non-hazardous and hazardous locations, including Class 1 Division 1. With a 12-hour battery life on the tablet, operators have ample time to complete necessary tasks. Additional tablets can be provided for multiple shift applications. The 100-meter range of the wireless connection allows users to move freely on the job site.

Other control panel features offered include fan and ventilation kit, light tree with audible alarm functions, color touch screen HMI and USB ports for data acquisition in a CSV format.

A subsidiary of Charles Ross & Son Company, Ross SysCon is a full service machine and controls fabrication facility. Ross control and data acquisition systems monitor an array of process parameters while controlling essential mixing parameters such as mixing time, speed, temperature and vacuum/pressure. Windows-based software allows manual or automatic operation, with simple cycle programming. Ross offers a variety of choices in control designs from simple relay-operated units to prefabricated pulpit-style PLC control rooms with graphical user interfaces.