RotaVal Heavy Duty Rotary Valves

Rota Val H Dvalve Small

The RotaVal Heavy Duty (HD) rotary valve series is the “design hub” of RotaVal’s rotary valves. They are designed and constructed to ensure a high sealing and feeding efficiency with maximum durability. The series offers a wide range of interchangeable components and design features to ensure that a suitable unit can be specified to the requirements of almost any application.

Suitable for use in the food, general, mineral, plastics, power and biomass, process and petro-chemical industries, the HD series covers 2 inches (5 centimeters) up to 29 inches (23 centimeters). It gives capacities of up to approximately 145 cubic feet (.068 cubic meters) per minute. Cast iron, SG iron, stainless steel and aluminum are the standard materials of construction, although other materials such as monel, inconel, titanium and hastelloy are available upon request.

The valves operate up to temperatures of 1,650 degrees F (900C), with pressure differentials of less than or equal to 14psi standard of less than or equal to 29 psi with a static pressure 145 psi ATEX certified.

The series is also available in a modular, fast-clean version (HDMF) which provides users with increased productivity through a design that realizes minimal down time for frequent cleaning of the valve internals.

The non-drive end cover incorporates the new Rota-lign bearing assembly. This is a self-centralizing rotor design to aid dismantling and re-assembly allowing cleaning to be carried out by plant operators without special tools. Should full access be required, there is also an option for drive end cover removal.

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