Vitiva SubSTAR


Vitiva’s SubSTAR line is an oxidation management systems for wet and dry pet food.

Numerous market trials conducted performance evaluations of SubSTAR and SubSTAR Complex products in cat and dog kibbles over a 12-month period. Vitivia reported that the results revealed that the SubSTAR portfolio offers an average of 30% longer shelf life, better oxidative stability and increased palatability in cat kibble than tocopherol-based antioxidants in similar products.

The SubSTAR formulations are oil-soluble oxidation management systems and offer antioxidant protection even under high-heat processing conditions. Oil-soluble and water-dispersible, SubSTAR formulations are available in both liquid and powder form. SubSTAR products are customizable to fit the specific processing demands of the pet food industry as well as its raw materials suppliers.

According to the manufacturer, SubSTAR products offer greater protection of fats, meals and finished kibble than market-standard heat-intolerant tocopherols and synthetic products such as BHA, BHT and similar widely used ingredients.

In a preference panel conducted over a period of four days with 18 feline subjects, SubSTAR ULTRA products containing functional levels of SubSTAR in the outer palatant layer had no negative impact on the subjects’ normal eating habits, according to Vitivia.