A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp. Model SP-29 case packer

A B C Packaging Machine Corp Model Sp 29 Case Packer

With the Model SP-29 case packer, A-B-C responds to the need for gentle handling of shrink-wrapped pet food products. In the past, operators often damaged the overwrap of pet food products as they hand packed the last few pieces into nearly full cases, causing production delays and lost profits. To solve the problem, A-B-C developed the Model SP-29 to automatically accumulate the entire case load in precise position before sliding it neatly into the case. This unit actually packs cases more carefully than hand labor. And with manual packing eliminated, only one operator is needed to open and position the case. The low initial investment in this machine quickly pays for itself in reduced labor costs alone.

The SP-29 is built for efficient and delicate movement of products throughout the case packing operation. A-B-Cā€™s quality stainless steel accumulation table and packing station assure smooth transfer of many package surfaces and shapes. A pump-up system with an innovative collating mechanism accumulates each load, elevates and orients it accurately into the predetermined pack pattern, then automatically slips the load into the case and lowers it to be conveyed to sealing. The result is a perfectly packed product.

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