Coperion ZGF 70 Centric Pelletizer


Coperion offers a ZGF 70 centric pelletizer that is used in extrusion plants for the production of directly expanded food such as cereals, aquatic feed and pet food.

The knife rotor of the pelletizer is arranged centrally to the die plate. The length of the pellets produced can be adjusted by the number of knives and by the speed of the knife rotor. The pelletizer hood and the die holder in the ZGF centric pelletizer can be swivelled to provide access for cleaning the screws, mounting the die plate and changeover of the die plate. It is connected to the ZSK twin screw extruder by quick-release connections. The knife rotor is spring loaded on the die plate. The distance between the knife blade and the die plate can be adjusted during operation.

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