Gericke sack tipping station


The Gericke sack tipping station is designed for ergonomic, manual dumping of bulk materials from bags, sacks, totes and other containers. It enables food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other processors to safely dispense bagged powders into the process or into storage and prevent dust from escaping into the plant environment. The self-contained units combine an integrated exhaust fan and cartridge filter system that help draw the bulk material from the bag into the unit and away from the operator to ensure 100% of the material enters the system while capturing fine dust particles safely inside. The station features an integral bag rest platform, protective barrier grid, inspection port and hinged, gas-assisted safety cover that secures the cover in place when opened. The Gericke sack tipping station integrates with sifters, mixers, pneumatic conveying systems, lump breakers and other equipment from any manufacturer.

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