Finna Sensors OMNIR on-line near infrared sensor


The Finna Sensors OMNIR on-line near infrared sensor is an intelligent all-sensing solution that was created to thrive in a networked world with built-in Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) features. The sensor was built with a modular design, keeping the most sensitive electronics away from the line, and allowing the sensor to perform in the harshest conditions, right out of the box. Using the TrueOptics technique, the OMNIR measures the reflected light after it hits the product sample, decreasing the effect of outside influences such as dust, color variations, vibration, etc. OMNIR was built on a Microsoft platform and SQL database, making interfaces and integration more familiar. OMNIR software can be upgraded via the cloud, negating the need for an on-site technician or sending in the sensor for the latest updates.

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