Epax Systems ROPAX traversing trash compactors

Epax Systems Ropax Traversing Trash Compactors

ROPAX traversing trash compactors from Epax Systems reduce the level of waste in open top containers. These rolling compactors employ a traversing system which allows them to be configured to service from two to eight side-by-side containers. Waste is compacted by a two-ton rolling drum with sharp metal teeth attached to an articulating boom which moves it from one end of the container to the other and back again crushing and compacting items along the way. The compaction module – drum, articulating boom and control panel – is mounted on rails and is moved from one container location to the next via a powered gear and chain system. When the compaction module is in position at the desired container, it is locked in place by a steel pin to prevent any lateral movement which could damage the compactor or waste container. 

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