Elektron Technology Digitron water-resistant 1000 Series thermometers


Digitron, an Elektron Technology brand, offers the water-resistant Series 1000 thermometers, which offer speed, accuracy and performance at an affordable price. Simple, fast, reliable operation provides precise, stable readings in\neven the harshest environments, with a choice of thermocouples—thermistors\nfor core food temperature monitoring, T type for mid-range (-250 to 400\ndegrees), and K type (-200 to 600 degrees) for the more extreme heat generated\nby industrial applications—enabling an extensive range of temperatures to be\nmeasured. ", "In busy kitchen environments\nwhere robustness is vital, the FM range of thermometers offers a cost-effective\nmeans of establishing food temperatures, according to the company. The water resistant\nFM40 food thermometer, featuring a large liquid crystal display (LCD), a\nthermistor-based general purpose probe and a protective rubber boot, is an asset to any catering facility. For checking the core temperature of food, the\npocket-sized FM12, with a needle tip that can be easily inserted into\nhard-to-reach areas, is ideal, allowing on-the-spot measurements to be\nperformed at any time.

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