Weber Scientific LuciPac A3 Sanitation System


Kikkoman LuciPac A3 Sanitation System, distributed by Weber Scientific, produces a test result an order of magnitude or higher than competitive products. For data analysis, the system comes with a software program with programmable features: 100 test plans, 200 user IDs, 251 locations per test plan and 5,000 test locations. 

Application of bioluminescence is used for monitoring sanitation and hygiene in the global food, beverage and environmental industry. All living organisms contain adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Bioluminescent systems measure the presence of ATP in a sample using an enzyme system. This process will emit light if ATP is present. Systems are calibrated using a relative light unit (RLU), which equate to thresholds for pass (clean) or fail (dirty).

However, ATP can be unstable and decompose into monophosphate (AMP) or diphosphate (ADP). This means conventional systems that test for ATP alone may fail to find the true presence of contamination and may produce false negatives. The patented A3 system measures all three (ATP, AMP and ADP).

According to Weber Scientific, independent testing by a leading laboratory confirms that the A3 system technology detects food residues left behind at far lower levels than other tests on the market.