Webinar: Optimizing dog health with yeast parietal fractions

Learn about the main modes of yeast fraction and how it improves gut health and body defenses against daily life challenges.

Jul 11th, 2019
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Digestive troubles are ones of the most common pet health issues reported by pet parents. Owners are thus actively looking for solutions to limit this problem and ensure the well-being of their companion animals. Pet food supplementation with high-quality parietal fractions from baker yeasts is an efficient way to ensure the natural management of pet digestive health. Digestive health relies on several pillars including high gut wall integrity, efficient local immune defenses and a balanced microbiota with controlled pathogen population. When one of these elements is affected, various troubles can emerge, from local disorders to more global health disturbances.

Provided that strain selection and process expertise allow guaranteeing a consistent composition in the structure and percentage of their active components, selected parietal fractions added in diet can have a protective effect on the gut. Indeed, mannans and beta-glucans present in yeast cell walls can reduce pathogen pressure by binding pathogens and adsorbing toxins entering into the body via food for example. They can also support natural defenses by modulating inflammatory mechanisms and stimulating the immune system. By constituting a natural shield for the gut, yeast parietal fractions can improve health and resistance against an intestinal upset.



  1. When it comes to health promise, the qualitative and quantitative guarantee of active components in yeast parietal fractions is critical.
  2. Gut health is based on the management of 3 pillars: a balanced microbiota, gut wall integrity, local immune defenses
  3. Pathogen binding, stimulation of innate immunity, and other yeast benefits can bring value to junior, adult or senior market segments.

This webinar is sponsored by Diana Pet Food and is presented by Petfood Industry and WATT Global Media.


Speaker Info:

Anne Lepoudere headshotAnne Lepoudere, health and nutrition research and development manager at Diana Pet Food - Vivae

Graduated as Agricultural Engineer, Anne started her carrier in the Feed industry as a Swine Nutritionist for 5 years. She then joined Mars Petcare to lead several projects on pet feeding behavior. After nearly 3 years, she moved to a dairy company where she was in charge of developing dairy proteins and functional blends for the food market. Anne joined Diana Pet Food in 2013 as Research Manager for Vivae, Diana Pet Food’s activity dedicated to pet’s Health and Nutrition. Anne has previously spoken at Pet Food Association of Canada Conference (2015), Pet Food Forum Europe (2017), CanCog Conference (2017) and at several Diana Pet Food internal symposiums. Anne also regularly gives training courses to veterinary and food science students.   


Rabot headshotRodolphe Rabot, global pet manager at Phileo Lesaffre

Graduated as Doctor in Veterinary Medicine and Pet nutrition, Rodolphe has a 30 years’ experience in Petfood and Petcare business. Rodolphe started his career in Nestle Purina Pet Care in the management of the European animal facility dedicated for palatability, nutrition and behavioral studies for 5 years, and then in a marketing role in pet accessories for 7 years. He afterwards joined Diana Petfood for different sales and marketing positions worldwide in palatability enhancers for 8 years. He then moved to Kemin selling  antioxidants  for petfood preservation for 7 years. Rodolphe is currently the veterinarian responsible for global business development in pets and horses, at Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care division. He is focused on developing products and collaborations to assure differentiated and value-adding solutions to the pet food industry

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