Webinar: How to effectively market pet food products

This presentation will focus on the fact that the power of marketing pet food is actually nothing new. Brands need to strengthen what they already have in order to stand out in their marketing.

Jul 29th, 2019
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To communicate a brand, pet food companies must have a firm grasp on foundational information before jumping into the newest and hottest trends of marketing. As a professional who works with multiple brands and speaks with a lot of company owners, you need to understand the basics of building a brand.



  1. Understand what a brand is (and how it attracts the right customers).
  2. Understand how investing in your brand will differentiate you from your competitors (beyond your ingredients).
  3. Understand the consequences of under branding - you must understand the foundation of your brand before building your strategy.
  4. Bonus: Understand how your brand is a revenue generating asset.

This webinar is presented by Petfood Industry and WATT Global Media.


Speaker Info:

Sarah Julian, owner, OffLeash Communications

With an impressive background in marketing, branding and integrated communications, Sarah is well positioned to create and execute smart, impactful strategies that support the goals and objectives of businesses focused on pets and the people who love them. Before launching OffLeash Communications, Sarah served as director of corporate communications at Petmate and managed over 3,000 SKUs. There she established herself as a dedicated brand leader, steering the company through a major corporate re-branding, establishing a strategic, multi-channel communications plan and elevating Petmate in the eyes of pet owners across the United States. Her 15 years of experience in the pet industry - combined with her passion for her work - means she offers her clients a rare kind of partnership: one where expertise meets expertise, great ideas meet great ideas and dynamic solutions are born. With a skill set that encompasses both strategic direction and tactical execution, Sarah operates as an extension of her clients’ businesses and delivers creative, energizing strategies that take her clients’ businesses to the next level.

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