Webinar: How to differentiate your pet food brand with preventive healthy aging offers

This presentation will focus on the primary rationale behind development of specific foods for senior pets and how to differentiate your brand through natural preventative solutions of proven efficacy.

Dec 9th, 2019
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The average pet lifespan has been continuously increasing over the past years to reach 11 years for dogs and 12 years for cats. Seeing their pets growing old in good shape is the main payoff for pet parents. Therefore, developing specific pet food for senior cats and dogs has become an increasingly hot topic in pet food innovations. The aging process causes numerous metabolic and physiological changes such as oxidative stress and inflammation. These modifications have various harmful effects on pets, including joint health issues, cognitive decline, and immune function alterations. Broadly similar to one another, most of the existing solutions to limit pet aging consequences treat the problems once they are established or do not have proven efficacy to prevent aging signs.That makes it challenging for a brand to differentiate itself from competitors and grab consumers’ attention on the shelf. In this webinar we will explain you how to stand out from the crowd using a different approach to tackle aging problems and offering preventive solutions of proven efficacy that limit the onset of age-related disorders.


  1. The primary rationale behind development of specific foods for senior pets. 
  2. Pet parent expectations toward healthy aging.
  3. Changes that occur during the aging process.
  4. How to differentiate your brand through natural preventative solutions of proven efficacy.

This webinar is sponsored by Diana Pet Food and presented by Petfood Industry and WATT Global Media.


Speaker Info:

Helene Saunier headshotHĂ©lène Saunier, Health & Nutrition EMEA Product Manager, Diana Pet Food

Graduated in Food Technology from ENSIA, Hélène joined the Diana Group within the Food division ten years ago as sales manager in Spain.
Based in Barcelona, she then joined Diana Pet Food as sales manager for Southern Europe. After several years as sales and product manager for SPF, Hélène is now product manager for Vivae, the Health and Nutrition expert brand of Diana Pet Food. She strives to understand pet owners concerns for the health and well-being of their furry companions, to explore trends and to improve pet and pet owners bond.


Fernando headshotFernando de Oliveira, Health & Nutrition Veterinary Nutritionist & Product Manager, Diana Pet Food

Graduated as Veterinarian and holding a MSc in Animal Sciences, Fernando started his carrier in the pet food industry in the areas of feed processing and dogs’ and cats’ nutrition. He then worked at Biorigin as technical expert to support the development of the company in the pet food market through technical and communication actions during nearly 5 years. Fernando joined Diana Pet Food in 2018 to manage health & nutrition research projects and develop Vivae natural solutions improving pet health and wellness. His projects are mainly related to pets aging, gut microbiota and obesity topics.

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