Webinar: The pet food market: 2020 update and 2021 projections and trends

In this webinar, learn current industry projections for 2021 and beyond given an updated outlook.

Apr 13th, 2021
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Petfood Industry webinar logoWatch on-demand now to learn current industry projections for 2021 and beyond given an updated outlook.

Learn how COVID-19 impacted the global pet food market in 2020 and what the industry is forecasting for 2021 and beyond. This includes purchasing changes consumers are making and the roles health/wellness and sustainability have in various segments. Featured speakers will include Jared Koerten, Head of Packaged Food, Euromonitor International, and Lindsay Beaton, Editor, Petfood Industry.

Emmert and ProAmpac LogosWHAT YOU’LL LEARN:

  1. How the global industry performed in 2020, including key regions and growth categories.
  2. Current industry projections for 2021 and beyond given an updated outlook.
  3. How e-commerce went from a five-year plan to a “right now” plan in the wake of COVID-19’s effects on consumer purchasing habits.
  4. The increased role that health and wellness will play in the pet food space in 2021 and beyond.

This webinar is sponsored by FL Emmert and ProAmpac, and presented by Petfood Industry and WATT Global Media.


Speaker Info:

Jared KoertenJared Koerten, Head of Packaged Food, Euromonitor International

Jared Koerten, Head of Packaged Food Jared Koerten is the head of packaged food at Euromonitor International. Jared oversees research across 100 markets and provides strategic insight and analysis on developments shaping the global food and pet care landscape. His work helps companies around the world make informed business decisions about emerging trends and growth opportunities within packaged food and pet care. Jared is a recognized expert in market trends and has spent nearly a decade researching the industry. He is frequently a featured speaker at major industry conferences, such as Sweets & Snacks Expo, and is regularly cited in the press like The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, NPR, Reuters, Bloomberg and The Economist. Jared holds a master’s degree in international relations from The University of Chicago.


Lindsay BeatonLindsay Beaton, Editor, Petfood Industry

Lindsay Beaton is the editor of Petfood Industry magazine, a monthly print and digital publication focusing on the interests of global pet food and pet treat manufacturing professionals, published by WATT Global Media. She is also the author of a weekly, industry-focused blog, “Trending: Pet Food,” where she discusses the latest trends in pet food, including various market segments, pet nutrition, consumer impact and other hot topics. Lindsay received her Master's degree in Writing and Publishing from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She has been in the business-to-business publishing industry since 2006. Her focus has been in the pet food industry since 2013, with prior work in the animal agriculture and produce industries. Lindsay has been with WATT Global Media since 2010.

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