Webinar: From can to cup: How pet food processors can successfully transition

In this webinar you will learn pros and cons of single chamber versus multi-chamber cups versus cans.

Jul 14th, 2021
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In recent years we’ve seen a steady emergence of wet pet food in plastic cups.  Easy to stack, improved shelf life, and well embraced by the market. The cup has quickly become a sign of a high-end product and taken a majority of the wet pet food shelf space in many retail outlets.  The marketplace has shifted and striking the right balance between different packaging formats is important for any brand. For manufacturers within the Americas who are contemplating a shift of production from can to cup, there are unique operational challenges and a learning curve that may dissuade most. Technology has evolved, and today there are solutions for improved quality and package presentation. Featured speaker, Max Davis, general manager of Waldner North America will discuss these challenges and how technology has evolved. Waldner webinar logoHe will also review today’s solutions for improved quality and package presentation. 


  1. Pros and cons of single-chamber vs multi-chamber cups vs cans 
  2. Unique packaging design considerations for petfood - new emerging packaging formats. 
  3. Efficient manufacturing throughout your downstream. 
  4. An introduction to maintaining flexibility, production levels, and optimizing OEE. 

This webinar is sponsored by Waldner North America, and presented by Petfood Industry and WATT Global Media.


Speaker Info:

Max DavisMax Davis, General Manager, Waldner North America

Max completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics with a minor in Mathematics at George Washington University. He held the position of International Purchasing Manager for a Mexican conglomerate, Lechera de Guadalajara. During this time, he worked from conception through launch of multiple new product lines. Within the U.S., Max managed all business development efforts at a family-owned Auction, Appraisal, and Asset Management firm servicing the food and pet food industries. In 2019, Max joined Waldner North America as the Business Unit Manager for Waldner Filling and Sealing Systems with oversight of all sales, service, and parts business segments in the Americas. During his time with Waldner, Max has helped companies drive excellence in their filling and sealing operations from concept to commissioning.  


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