Webinar: The buzz about black solder fly larvae and pet health

This webinar will focus on the sustainability of black soldier fly larvae and how feedstock impacts nutrient composition.

Sep 8th, 2022
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The human and pet food industry are in a significant emerging global crisis: World demand for animal protein is doubling by 2050. That kind of demand requires an immediate need to produce more food for everyone on the planet. EnviroFlight, the first and only commercial-scale producer of black soldier fly larvae in the United States, is researching how to solve the iEnviroflight Sponsorby 200pssues we face as a growing population while keeping our environment in balance. Black soldier fly larvae is a sustainable, nutritious, and palatable ingredient for insect-based pet food and treats. This webinar will focus on an R&D-focused approach on how to create the highest quality, sustainable black soldier fly larvae products in the market. Join EnviroFlight's President, Liz Koutsos, and Technical Sales Representative, Bree Modica, as they discuss solving a big problem with a tiny insect.


  1. Sustainability of black soldier fly larvae.
  2. How feedstock impacts the nutrient composition.
  3. Current insect regulatory approvals.
  4. How black soldier fly larvae benefit pet food formulations.

This webinar is sponsored by EnviroFlight and presented by Petfood Industry.


Speakers Info:

Liz Koutsos 90pxLiz Koutsos, Ph.D., President of EnviroFlight

Liz Koutsos is the President of EnviroFlight, a company that is pioneering the commercialization of black soldier fly larvae for feed and food applications. EnviroFlight upcycles regionally sourced by-products into sustainable high-value ingredients to improve plant, animal, and human nutrition worldwide. EnviroFlight is wholly owned by Darling Ingredients (DAR, NYSE) and opened the first commercial-scale black soldier fly production facility in the US in 2019. Prior to EnviroFlight, Liz was the Director of Mazuri Exotic Animal Nutrition, a division of Land O’Lakes/Purina Mills leading a team to enhance the nutrition and conservation of exotic and endangered animals worldwide, successfully launching the brand into mass retail and e-commerce. Liz joined Mazuri following an appointment on the faculty of the Animal Science Department at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, where she managed the Cal Poly Poultry Unit, developed a research lab and MS program, and engaged undergraduates in the “Learn By Doing” model. Liz is a graduate of the University of Maryland, College Park with a BS in Animal Science, and the University of California, Davis with an MS and Ph.D. in Nutrition and Immunology. Liz is currently an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Animal Sciences at North Carolina State University, and a Smithsonian Research Associate.


Bree V2 90pxBree Modica, a technical sales rep at EnviroFlight 

Bree Modica has been a technical sales rep with EnviroFlight for the past three years. Previously, she worked as a nutritionist for a specialty pet product company. Bree has her master’s degree in agriculture and animal nutrition and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. focused on sustainability management in the animal feed and pet food sectors.

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