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How important is biologically appropriate pet food?

Biologically appropriate cat and dog foods are rapidly gaining market share, but is this shift based on substance or marketing?
Cat and dog food diets high in animal proteins and fats and low in carbohydrates are called biologically appropriate. This pet food category is growing faster than the pet food market as a whole.
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Business woman has a marketing breakthrough

4 steps to your next pet food marketing breakthrough

Listening with an open mind to your employees and customers and monitoring what is being said in social media is the first step in identifying unique marketing opportunities.
Developing your next breakthrough pet food marketing campaign is a four-step process that turns insights into a connection with consumers.
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Petfood renderers need processor assistance for FSMA compliance

Preventing trash from getting into offal trucks is an important step for processors to take to allow their renderer to continue to serve petfood markets.
The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) represents the most significant change in US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) food regulations in generations. Dr. Charles Starkey, technical services director, American Proteins, explained that FSMA will have a tremendous impact on renderers, because FSMA sets new regulations and standards for how food is produced and transported.
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