Anton C. Beynen, PhD

Anton C. Beynen, Vobra Special Petfoods, Veghel, The Netherlands


Food palatability and canine obesity

Is there research available that proves the tastier the petfood, the fatter it will make the pet?
Contrary to common consent, there is no published evidence that the addition of palatability enhancers to industrially produced foods increases the risk of obesity development in dogs. However, there is such evidence for added fat, which is both a conditional palatant and a concentrated energy source.
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Meeting nutrient requirements in dog food production

When properly formulated, frozen, canned and dry complete foods all sustain a healthy and long life in dogs.
Ingredient mixtures of industrially produced, complete canine foods can vary markedly, but still be equally good. Feeding of dogs should aim at supplying adequate amounts of nutrients in an available, palatable and safe form that supports a healthy and long life.
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Canine nutrition: Breed-specific versus all-breed diets

In developing specialized dog foods, consider marketing strategy in addition to differences in nutrient responses between breeds
Dog food marketing is dominated by trends. Differentiation, humanization and individualization are product trends initiated by the petfood industry. Dog owners’ attitudes have inspired the natural trend.
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