QChef Cheese Bones for Dogs


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Contact: Michael Torres
Phone: +49 511 374 13059


QChefs Natural Dental Chews

German based producer of dental chews for dogs, QChefs, has introduced a new line of cheese bones that are free of grain, sugar, lactose or any additives. These dog treats contain cheese as a source of protein and five super foods, including cottage cheese, buckwheat, canola oil, coconut oil and glycerin.

Made in Germany, QChefs chews neutralize 80 percent of the cavity forming bacteria in a dog’s mouth, making mechanical tooth cleaning for dogs unnecessary. Besides stopping bad breath, these chews also remove plaque and can prevent other oral hygiene issues in dogs. 

The chews are formulated with serotonin to improve mood, healthy fatty acids, trace elements, super foods, essential amino acids and protein. The full range of chews are available for purchase on the company website. The cheese chews are available in various forms, including hard cheese rolls, puffed crackers, puffed cheese sticks and hard crackers. 

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