Presto ECOA Lifts P4 Roll-On Leveler with Turntable


Contact Information

Phone: 1.508.222.0177
Toll Free: 1.800.343.9322


Presto Lifts Inc
50 Commerce Way
Norton MA 02766
United States

The Presto ECOA Lifts P4 Roll-On Leveler with Turntable has a platform that, when fully lowered, sits essentially flush to the floor allowing users to place or remove pallet loads with an ordinary hand pallet truck. It features a built-in turntable that rotates a full pallet load 360˚ so workers can build or break down loads from a fixed position without walking around or reaching across the pallet.

The unit’s capacity is 2500 lbs. The 44” x 48” turntable platform accepts a variety of open bottom skid or pallet sizes. When in the fully raised position the platform height is 30”. 

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