Longevity Graceful Aging Bundle dog food


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Longevity Raw Pet Foods
145 Paterson Ave, Suite 2
Little Falls NJ 07424
United States

The Graceful Aging Bundle, from Longevity Raw Pet Food, is a pet food line specially made for senior dogs. It is low-fat and gentle on the stomach, and it comes in two flavors: Wholesome Turkey and Vital Rabbit. 

Wholesome Turkey is easy on the digestive system. The company uses locally sourced free-range turkeys raised in a healthy and humane environment. Turkey is a warming food and is helpful for pets with an overabundance of yin energy (passive/weak/easily fatigued).

The Longevity Vital Rabbit formula is made for pets with sensitive digestive systems and skin conditions. Rabbit is a cooling food and is optimal for pets with an overabundance of yang energy (allergies/inflammation/aggression).

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