Boss Dog Brand Greek Style Yogurt treats


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Contact: Vasili Nassar


Boss Dog Brand
26311 NE Valley St. #A, PMB 122
Duvall WA 98019
United States

Boss Dog Brand presents its line of probiotic frozen Greek Style Yogurt treats for dogs. These lactose free treats deliver the benefit of over 3 billion probiotic cultures per cup. 

All-Natural Boss Dog Brand Greek Style Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats are made with real yogurt with milk from a single farm in the Central Valley of California. These treats also use wholesome (100 percent human grade) Non-GMO ingredients, contain protein, prebiotics and live and active cultures (including Probiotics). The yogurt is specially formulated for Boss Dog bellies of all sizes. 

There are different flavors available: Peanut Butter & Banana; and Cheddar & Bacon. 

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