Kerry Acryleast acrylamide reducing yeast

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Contact: Greg Hayden
Title: Business Development Manager, Pet Food
Phone: 1.608.416.6098


Kerry Pet Wellness & Nutrition
3400 Millington Rd
Beloit WI 53511
United States

The Kerry Acryleast acrylamide reducing yeast is a non-GMO yeast rich in the asparaginase enzyme for acrylamide reduction. Repeated trial results have demonstrated Acryleast’s effectiveness in reducing acrylamide levels in biscuit and cracker applications, with no impact on taste or texture. 

Lab tests have shown acrylamide in the diet causes cancer in animals and, while the evidence from human studies has been inconclusive, the scientific consensus is that it has the potential to cause cancer in humans. 

Kerry’s License Agreement with Renaissance BioScience Corp: Kerry’s licence agreement is global except for 11 Northern and Eastern European countries and 3 European bakery companies.

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