Leiber YeaFi - The Yeast Fibre Concept for pets


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Contact: Dr. Thomas Bissot
Title: Key Account Manager Petfood
Phone: +49.1520.93.95.422
Fax: +49 5461 9303 29


Leiber GmbH
Hafenstr. 24
Bramsche 49565

Leiber presents YeaFi - The Yeast Fibre Concept, a concept that involves combining pure brewers’ yeast with depectinised apple pomace, unmolassed beet slices, pea fibres and carrot pomace. Apart from pet food, the new Leiber YeaFi products are also, of course, suitable for feeding livestock. 

Thanks to the dietetic and prebiotic mechanisms of the action of brewers’ yeast with its many valuable and highly available ingredients, such as B vitamins, amino acids and minerals, each feed mixture offers significant value added. 

Benefits of using Leiber brewers’ yeast products when feeding pets and small animals: increased resistance in stressful situations; improved acceptance of feed mixtures; and growth of a thick and shiny coat.

For the petfood industry, there are different products available in this line: Brewers' yeast-BTR; Viking Pro; Leiber YeaFi AB; Leiber YeaFi AP; and Leiber YeaFi AC. 

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