Bühler Inc. Kubex T high-capacity pellet mill


Contact Information

Contact: Veronica Occelli
Phone: 763.847.9900
Fax: 763.847.9902


Bühler Inc
PO Box 9497
Minneapolis MN 55440-9497
United States

The Kubex T high-capacity pellet mill with full process transparency from Bühler Inc. provides highest process transparency thanks to an application that connects it to Bühler Insights, the pioneering cloud platform for the food and feed industry. A dashboard visualizes data for customers, making their processes transparent. This allows for seamless tracking and brings production downtimes to a minimum. Algorithms and Bühler experts help millers to optimize the mill’s parameters. With it, customers achieve higher profits and lower production costs thanks to innovations in intelligent process optimization. Kubex T is designed for high-capacity pelleting. 

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