OlviPet Crispy Snack for dogs and cats


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Phone: +49.5265.946.200
Fax: +49.0.5265.946.195


OlviPet International
Incept GmbH & Co. KG
Domänenweg 1
Dörentrup 32694

The OlviPet Crispy Snack for dogs and cats has an extremely high meat content, filet pieces, and olive elixir. Suited to the needs of the animal, there are three flavors available:

  • Crispy Snack Cat with increased vitamin and mineral content
  • Crispy Snack Small DOG's, delicious little bone-shaped snacks
  • Crispy Snack Medium & Large DOG's, larger bone shaped snacks

The OlviPet Crispy Snack has over 60 percent meat content, fresh meat chops from chicken fillet, and immunbooster formula - Olvimax Elixir 1: 5 Omega. This product is gluten free. 

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