Grandma Lucy's Moxie freeze-dried dog and cat food


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Grandma Lucy's
30432 Esperanza
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The Grandma Lucy's Moxie is a freeze-dried dog and cat food that acts as a scoop and serve meal or mixer for pets. Ideal for pets of all life stages, Moxie is made with human-quality meat, packed with high protein (93%) and a great source of fruits and vegetables (6%). As a grain-free, high protein “keto-like” diet, Moxie promotes overall pet health, including a shinier coat, healthier skin, higher energy and reduced allergies. Varieties of Moxie include a beef, chicken and turkey recipe. At a price point that is almost 20% less than other freeze-dried, high-protein diets, the product is currently being rolled out to specialty pet food stores nationwide. 

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