EndFlex Z.ZAG Palletizer


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Phone: 1.305.622.4070


EndFlex LLC
4760 NW 128th Street
Miami FL 33054
United States

The Z.ZAG Palletizer from EndFlex automatically uses vacuum generators to pick up cases one at a time and place them on a pallet from above. Its suction capacity is capable of lifting 40-pound boxes at speeds up to 360 boxes per hour. 

The position of each case is calculated automatically according to the desired pattern and the dimensions of the case; the Z.ZAG palletizer locates all cases on one pallet and upon completion will start filling the next pallet as the first pallet is replaced. Placing this end of line application at the end of each production line is less costly than using conveyors to transport cases to an expensive high-speed palletizer. 

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