Epax Systems ROPAX Mobile Compactors


Contact Information

Phone: 818.994.2870
Fax: 818.994.4032


Epax Systems, Inc.
14641 Arminta Street, 5 Cabot Place
Panorama City CA 91402
United States

The ROPAX Mobile Compactors from Epax Systems employ a rolling drum with sharp metal teeth to crush, macerate, tear, rip and compress waste in large open top containers/dumpsters. Because they are mobile, they can be used at facilities with multiple dumpsters in a single location or spread across multiple locations on a property. 

In operation, a worker simply drives the ROPAX Mobile up to the end of an open top container and deploys a two-ton rolling drum mounted on an articulating boom which moves from one end of the container and back, crushing contents as it goes. Because operators can view the compaction process, they can determine how many crushing cycles are necessary before moving to the next container. 

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