R.A Jones automatic magazine loader

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Phone: +1 859 341 0400


R.A Jones
701 Crescent Springs Road
Covington MO 41017
United States

R.A Jones automatic magazine loader (AML) is for use with its cartoning machines. Modular in design, it enables manufacturers to implement labor-saving automated technology into the production line and increase output speeds within a small footprint. The AML promotes cartoning line efficiency by automatically pulling carton-filled cases off a conveyor and orienting them properly for loading. It then extracts the cartons from a case, loads them onto the magazine and disposes of the case. The process minimizes amount of time and interaction employees would typically dedicate to the loading stage of production, as they simply place cases in queue for the conveyor and let the AML manage subsequent steps. This allows manufacturers to reduce the number of employees required to run the line.

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