Three Dog Bakery Celebration Treats


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Three Dog Bakery
1843 N. Topping Ave.
Kansas City MO 64120
United States

The Three Dog Bakery Celebration Treats line includes: 

The Three Dog Bakery Birthday Celebration Cake in Birthday Cake Flavor is a 6-ounce, cookie-style decorated cake for canines, featuring honey, molasses and egg, with no artificial flavors or colors. This celebration cake, topped with frosting and sprinkles, easily splits into eight slices, perfect for any pup’s celebration.

The Three Dog Bakery Ultimate Celebration Bone in Classic Vanilla Flavor is individually frosted and sprinkled in a sharable 4 1/2-ounce serving size shaped as a bone.

The Three Dog Bakery Birthday Confetti Lick’n Crunch! is golden vanilla sandwich cookies with a birthday cake-flavored crème and sprinkles filling.

Three Dog Bakery Celebration Confetti are bite-sized dog treats, inspired by a bakery favorite, that come packed with flavors and textures.

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