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Family Owned Spot Farms dog treats offers antibiotic-free, 100% US-made, all-human-grade jerky dog treats: Chicken Jerky Hip+Joint, Chicken Jerky Skin+Coat, Chicken Jerky Heart Health and Chicken Jerky Serenity. The Hip+Joint recipe contains chondroitin and glucosamine to help maintain healthy hips and joints, and tumeric for inflammation reduction. The Skin+Coat recipe features omega-3 fatty acids and brewers yeast, which provides essential B vitamins. Along with vitamin E, these ingredients help to support healthy skin and shiny coat. The Heart Heath recipe contains tumeric and cinnamon, which can reduce inflammation, and omega-3-rich flaxseed and taurine, which support heart health. The Serenity recipe contains chamomile and tryptophan, which can reduce anxiety and have calming effects.

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