Natura Petz Organics PawR Treat Line

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Contact Information

Phone: 1.877.306.1744
Fax: 1.877.306.1744


Natura Petz Organics
P.O. Box 490156
Minneapolis MN 55449
United States

Natura Petz Organics introduces an all-natural and organic PawR Treat Line, which includes PawR Bars, PawR Bites & PawR Crumbles. These new offerings, developed with veterinarian and pet expert guidance, will provide healthy boosts to pet’s diets. With the variety of new product offerings, Natura Petz Organics has expanded beyond traditional supplement products. To coincide with the product expansion, Natura Petz Organics will be engaging with new partners in distribution and retail to provide greater accessibility to the products.

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