Flexicon Corp. Tip-Tite High-Lift Box/Container Dumper

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Phone: 1.610.814.2400
Fax: 1.610.814.0600


Flexicon Corp
2400 Emrick Blvd
Bethlehem PA 18020-8006
United States

Flexicon Corp. makes the Tip-Tite High-Lift Box/Container Dumper that discharges dust-free into vessels 6-10 feet (183-305 cm) above the plant floor. The dumper allows boxes and other containers to be loaded at floor level, sealed against a discharge hood, elevated and tipped, mating the hood outlet to a gasketted inlet port fitted to any receiving vessel. The unit accommodates Gaylords and other boxes from 36-48 inches (915-1,220 mm) on a side and 39-44 inches (990-1,117 mm) overall height.

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