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Kodo Inc.
1500 Whitehall Lane
St. Helena CA 94574
United States
Kodo Inc. acquired the brands Precise Pet and ANF pet food from Texas Farm Products (now TFP Nutrition) in 2015. The company previously had owned and represented these brands outside of Canada and the US since 2007, and utilized Texas Farm Products Co., as its US-based pet food manufacturer. Kodo now has sole rights to the brands. TFP Nutrition, in Texas, will continue to manufacture the products as part of its ongoing private label and contract manufacturing business. Both Kodo and TFP market the Lone Star and Star Pro brands. Kodo pet foods are distributed in 31 countries and Puerto Rico.


2016 (February): Kodo acquires the Precise Pet and ANF pet food brands from Texas-based Texas Farm Products (now TFP Nutrition).


ANF, Advantage, Precise Pet, Precept Plus, Star Pro, Lone Star

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