Clextral Inc

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Contact: José Coelho
Title: President
Phone: 813.854.4434
Fax: 813.855.2269


Clextral Inc
14450 Carlson Cir
Tampa FL 33626
United States
Clextral’s experts combine the art and science of extrusion technology to provide complete lines for dry and semi-moist foods, sophisticated treats and premium pet food with a wide array of densities, textures, shapes and colors. Extrusion lines offer a wide range of throughputs (from 5 to 12 tons per hour) and designs which ensure complete process flexibility and ease of cleaning and product changeovers.


Petfood & Treats

Clextral twin-screw extrusion systems produce innovative and cost-effective pet food and pet treats with animal and breed-specific characteristics that boost consumer appeal. With Clextral’s technology, pet food makers can control all process parameters to tailor products for individual animals: crispiness, degree of hardness or suppleness, size, shape, moisture content, flavor, etc.



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