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Contact: Phil Davis
Title: Associate Director Communications
Phone: 1.630.320.4461
Toll Free: 1.844.44LINDE
Fax: 1.630.320.4508


7000 High Grove Blvd
Burr Ridge IL 60527-9575
United States
Linde is an atmospheric gas company that provides a line of cryogenic gases and temperature control systems for freezing, chilling and cooling in the food manufacturing industry. It’s all possible with Linde gases and application expertise. Exact processing temperature helps to ensure the thorough incorporation of protein, fat, seasoning and essential ingredients during grinding and mixing for fresh products. Rapid freezing or chilling reduce moisture loss and product degradation. Cryogenic gas use is ideal in freeze-dry operations. For frozen pet meal and treat products, either nitrogen or carbon dioxide systems, quickly reduce product temperature to a set target temperature improving production rate and maintaining high product quality. Reach out today to learn more about how Linde can help with your temperature control needs.


Temperature Controlled Pet Food Production

Details the options for precise control of temperature during, transit, mixing/blending, and freezing/chilling


Cryogenic Freezing - Continous or Batch?

Presents productivity options for start-up or expanding production. Focus on batch operations and opportunity for continuous processing as business needs grow..



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