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Contact: Kim Thorup
Title: KAM
Phone: 47.97.076411


MOWI Nutrition
Strandgata 59
Ørsta 6150
As a part of the Mowi Group,the world’s largest producer of Atlantic salmon, Mowi Nutrition enjoys high standards of raw material control and routines and thereby passes fresh and high-quality ingredients on to our customers all over the world. We offer our customer all kinds of salmon ingredients with focus on salmon meat, mince and freshly produced salmon oil and salmon meal. We have several years of experience producing and supplying ingredients to the pet food industry worldwide. We serve the most demanding and challenging customers, with high quality products. Our production is part of the Mowi integrated value chain from roe to ready to eat fish. We even produce our own feed ensuring the Mowi quality in all parts of the chain.


MOWI Nutrition

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Salmon oil feed grade specification

Salmon oil is used by pet food producers world wide as an ingredient for dry pet food and supplements. Norwegian salmon products are sustainable and safe for pets. Our products are free from antibiotics and represent a good combination of palatability and essential ingredients which our pets need.


Salmon meal feed grade specification

Norwegian salmon meal is the perfect source of protein for demanding pets. Freshly produced meal from salmon raised in the cold Norwegian fjords ensures high quality products.


ASC Xalar salmon oil food grade spec

Our Xalar Salmon Oil for pet food is produced at the Mowi plant exclusively from farmed Atlantic Salmon. Produced within hours after harvesting. Probably the freshest salmon oil in the worlds. Our production facility is food grade certified by The Norwegian Food Safety Authority. Our facility is ASC, GMP+ and IFFO RS certified.



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