Paola Cane, Ph.D., and David Primrose

Paola Cane, Ph.D., CEO of Mia Solution, is a regulatory and marketing senior advisor and author, expert in compliance issues, product recalls and product safety crises. She has worked internationally for numerous brands, taking care of positioning strategies and compliance with European Union regulations. Her regulatory experience includes extensive work in preventing, detecting and responding to varied hazards and providing best practice guidance for recall response plans and crisis management in the food and feed areas.

David Primrose is the founder of Synergy Food Ingredients Ltd. He has worked in the global pet food industry for over 40 years. He has a Master's degree in Food Safety Management and more than 30 years expertise in technical risk management, including pet food raw material risk assessment for food safety, quality and authenticity, and has worked on pet food ingredient food fraud identification and control. He provides a comprehensive confidential service to clients in person and on a β€œremote” working basis in areas of auditing, quality and food safety management systems development, raw materials specifications and raw materials risk assessment (HACCP and VACCP).

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