Halo WHOLE Cat and Dog Food Line

Company Overview

Halo offers the Whole Cat and Dog Food line made with whole meat, OrigiNative (humanely sourced) proteins and non-GMO vegetables.

Halo brand pet foods rely on whole meat, poultry or fish instead of rendered meat meal. Halo Whole Dog Food includes OrigiNative proteins and non-GMO vegetables. The brand also focuses on digestibility, and the packaging displays the brand’s key message: “The Proof is in the Poop!” Halo sourcing includes GAP (Global Animal Partnership)-certified cage free poultry and wild caught fish from MSC-certified sustainable fisheries.

The Halo Whole wet and dry pet foods include its first-ever kitten recipes, along with specialized diets such as indoor cat, small breed dog, puppy, senior, sensitive stomach cat, healthy weight, vegan dog and grain-free.

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