Spot Farms dehydrated dog food

Spot Farms Dehydrated Small

Spot Farms dehydrated dog food is available in five recipes: Grain-Free Chicken, Grain-Free Turkey, Grain-Free Pork, Chicken and Whole-Grain, and Turkey and Whole- Grain. It is a complete and balanced dog food for all life stages, according to the manufacturer.

According to the manufacturer, the dehydration process retains the beneficial nutrients that are found in raw food, but the process protects the food against spoiling, while maintaining its natural colors and great taste. To serve it, the food is reconstituted with warm water.

The back of each box features one of its farm families, and a map showing the counties where the protein was sourced from.

Benefits of Spot Farms Dehydrated according to the manufacturer:

  • No antibiotics, animals raised on family farms without the use of hormones or antibiotics
  • No animal meal, only real meat
  • Made in the USA
  • Simple and convenient, just add water and stir; one 8 lb. box = 32 lbs. of dog food
  • Can be fed as a complete meal but also makes the perfect topper
  • Great alternative to raw