Einstein Pets Santa’s Helper Treats for Dogs


Einstein Pets, a dog treats manufacturer based in Florida, has announced the launch of their new holiday packaging. Santa’s Helper treats are now available in heart shapes and a new size. The new packaging, now available in an 8oz bag size and a “stocking stuffer” 2oz bag, will hit retailers’ shelves in October 2017.

Santa’s Helper dog treats are made from premium raw ingredients in the US. The treats are produced in small batches with only seven ingredients. They are also GMO free, made with simple wheat, are soy and corn free recipes, include natural oat flour, sweet potatoes, all-white turkey, cranberries, honey and cinnamon. The ingredients are all blended together using Chia seed.

Einstein Pets dog treats are available in 8oz and 2oz Juniors bags, in six delicious flavors: PB’N Jelly Time, Cha Cha Coconut, Pumpkin Time, Turkey Time, Black & Whites, and Sweet Potato.