Total Alimentos has renewed its two lines of cat and dod treats.

In the superpremium category, Total Alimentos renewed its Equilibrio Freeze Dried Treats. The packaging was renewed to better promote the product and its functional benefits.

Total Alimentos is one of the only companies in Brazil to produce freeze dried treats. Freeze drying technology begins with freezing the food and then reducing pressure from the outside environment, forcing the water to pass directly from a solid to a gaseous state. The product passes from the frozen state to the lyophilizate without ever being thawed, maintaining all its nutritional value but without water. The whole process is done under vacuum at very low temperatures to guarantee the quality and safety of the food.

The company also renewed its treats brands DogLicious and CatLicious with new packaging. The recipes were also improved to make DogLicious and CatLicious more palatable to dogs and cats.  

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