Simplicity Pet Care Sen5es Premium Dental Chews

Simplicity Pet Care Sen5es Premium Dental Chews

Simplicity Pet Care, the new pet nutrition company on the scene, has launched its first revolutionary brand - Sen5es Premium Dental Chews.

Sen5es Dental Chews are a different breed of treat. They offer all the delicious flavor and chewing fun your dog has grown to expect from a dental snack, without any of the cheap filler, byproducts, or unnecessary ingredients. Sen5es is a 100% American made, gluten- and grain-free treat. They clean teeth, freshen breath, and maintain healthy gums by combining great flavor and texture that stimulates your dog’s senses.

In lieu of fillers like wheat, corn and soy, that are known dog allergens and difficult for pets to digest, Simplicity has filled their treats with an exclusive SuperFoods Blend jam-packed with vegetables known to support and maintain canine health.

After two years of research, the Pet Nutrition Specialists at Simplicity developed Sen5es’ unique SuperFoods Blend to promote oral health and stimulate dogs’ senses. All-natural SuperFood ingredients like spinach, carrots, celery, beets and peas were combined into the perfect formula to deliver a great tasting treat that is also beneficial to your pet’s overall health.

Simplicity is disrupting the dental chew category with this Sen5ational chew. Perhaps the most profound feature of their platform is their dedication to total transparency. They believe consumers should feel confident about where their pet products are coming from, as well as what’s in them and who is making them. As part of this effort, they’ve created the pet industry's first ever “eSignature”. Every bag of Sen5es Premium Dental Chews is stamped with a unique electronic signature that allows consumers to see and learn about the individual who prepared their pet’s bag of treats.

 Simplicity’s mission is to provide every dog in America with safe, nutritious and affordable products. Sen5es unparalleled high quality combined with an affordable price is the first step toward achieving that mission.