Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Minnows

Vital Essentials (VE) bolsters its innovative family of Vital Treats for Dogs with the arrival of Freeze-Dried Minnows.  Rave reviews and insistent requests, since their release of Freeze-Dried Minnows in their Vital Cat Treat line in 2015, inspired the company to respond with an addition to the dog line.

VE is the first ever to offer whole freeze-dried minnows as a treat for dogs and cats. The one-of-a-kind treat will be available in February at independent pet specialty stores all across the country. With the addition of Freeze-Dried Minnows, the Vital Treats for Dogs line has expanded to 11 flavorful varieties.  

VE Vital Treats are packed with vital nutrients, made with only fresh, whole single-sourced USDA animal protein to provide essentials nutrition that dogs instinctively crave. Convenient packaging makes it easy to take Vital Treats anywhere your dog wants to go.

Available in 11 savory flavors: Beef Nibs, Chicken Breast, Turkey Giblets, Beef Tripe, Rabbit Bites, Wild Alaskan Salmon, Wild Alaskan Salmon Rings, Bully Sticks, Chicken Hearts, Duck Nibs, and Minnows.

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